Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall crombie in Tweed

You can never go wrong with a full suit, but why not mix it up with separates.  Or even with a crombie coat paired with odd trousers, for a smart look that has more personality than a full suit.  The Thick as Thieves crombie is meant to be worn over a shirt, rather than over a suit.  So it replaces your suit jacket as one's outerwear.  This coat is made with a lightweight suiting tweed (called Tweed 5 in the fabric section), it is not a heavy cloth, but heavier than most of our suiting options.  It is a midweight fabric, approx 12-13oz and is perfect for fall temps.  This cloth is a complex plaid pattern that is bold yet seen from a short distance begins to appear less patterned.  It is a cool grey palette with a subtle orange overcheck running throughout.  The fabric is pattern matched wherever possible as shown in closeup pics.  It is paired with a rust brown tweed trouser.  The coat is a 4 button closure with hidden front fly.  Angled pockets with ticket pocket, 2 buttons on sleeve, and a higher button stance with velvet half collar.